Frequently asked questions

What are the BEASTIE BOXES made of?

These BEASTIES are hand crafted from the highest quality materials. The wood is pine, aspen, and popular. The stains and varnishes are oil-based. The interior and exterior bottoms are covered in felt. **The Rainbows are finnished in food-quality linseed oil, so it's safe for children.**

How do I care for my BEASTIE BOX?

These boxes are very durable and will withstand decades of normal use with no need for specialized care. They can be wiped down with water, if needed.

What can I put inside my BEASTIE BOX?

Just about anything that fits! Notes, money, earings, trinkets, keys, toy cars. But please don't put any liquids in your box, they are not water/liquid safe.

When should I order my BEASTIE BOX?

I will begin creating your item from scratch as soon as it is ordered, please allow 2-3 weeks for this creation, although it maybe sooner. Please email me if your purchase is time sensitive, and I can give you a firm timeframe for its competition. Please allow an additional time for shipping. **Please note holidays are espically busy, so get those orders in early!**

When will new BEASTIE BOXES be available?

There is awalys something new in the works, plus I love suggestions! If you have an idea, please drop me a note and I'll see what I can do!

Can you make my BEASTIE BOX differently?

Yes, I'd love to! Did you have different colors in mind? Pink turtle, did you say?! Or maybe a whole new BEASTIE altogether. Please email me to discuss :)