Everybody knows that our pets are family!


My dog inspires me every day! Let your beloved family member be the inspiration for a beautiful & unique wooden box.

Boxes can hold desk supplies, dog snacks, people snacks,

knick-knacks, jewelry, your imagination is the only limit...and plants. Plants need drainage holes, so they don't rot.  Your plant, sadly, would die in a Beastie Box. (#savetheplants)

We hate to think about it, but when the times comes, custom Beastie Boxes will make a precious urn to hold your pets ashes.    

The Custom Beastie Box Club Members!


to get


When you are ready, please purchase your chosen Custom Pet Box below, then kindly email me your pet photos.  Please be aware that if your pet has a unique color patch somewhere, I'll need a photo of that area also. If you have any questions, or what to chat before beginning, I'd love to hear from you.  Email me at

YAY! I'm so excited to meet your favorite buddy!!

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So sorry, Custom Holidays Orders are now Closed 

Thanks to the overwhelming interest in Custom Pet Beastie Boxes, I unfortunately have to close holiday orders for the 2021 Season.  I'd still love to make a custom piece for your pet, but it can not be made before Jan.1st.  I do still have many standard boxes and wall faces available for immediate purchase, please email me to inquire about them...or please come visit me at my upcoming holiday shows!!  See the show date here: